Know the Value of Your Lubbock Property

Know the Value of Your Lubbock Property

Residential appraisals from Lubbock, TX to Midland, TX

Buying a home, selling a home, getting a divorce, settling an estate and applying for a loan are just a few reasons you may be asked to produce an appraisal report. Before you make a decision or spend money to reach your financial goals, get in touch with an expert you can trust to be accurate, timely and affordable. In Lubbock, TX, the appraiser of choice is Gary Tapp. Count on him to be a reliable resource for all your home appraisal needs.

Expect the following when you work with us:

  • Education on the appraisal process
  • High quality, accurate appraisal reports
  • Online status reports
  • Electronic ordering and delivery
  • Competitive pricing

Order your residential appraisal today

If you need to know the market value of your home in Lubbock or Midland, TX get in touch with Gary Tapp Appraisal. Call (806) 790-4511 to set up an appointment. Gary will answer any questions you may have and then conduct a thorough evaluation of the interior, exterior, surrounding area and history of the neighborhood. Once complete, he will provide you with your appraisal report.